How to start a new project?

That's easy, just schedule a meeting and rest will flow. On our first meeting, we would like to get to know each other. We would like to know you, your business and your future plans. After our first meeting we will offer your proposal of our future project together, and then the real fun part begins. 

What information do we need for the content?

We build digital experiences that get users exactly where they need to go, and make the journey a treat for the senses. Who are your users/clients? What are their objectives? What's your target with this platform to gain of?  Answering these questions through feedback, testing, research, and intuition honed by experience, is vital to building a website that people love to use.

We will guide you through collecting and creating all contents for you project. Furthermore, as Gibrian we give Content Development services through projects. That means you don't have to worry about anything, and spending time for collecting datas, finding right photos, videos etc... just enjoy the view from front row.

Do you launch website for us? What do we do after that?

Yes we are. We will launch the site for you and make sure everything is fully working perfectly. After the launch we’re with you for 30 days, any problem occurs we’re here for you unbilled and as part of the project.

After 30 days, Gibrian team will be still at your services, to take care of any ongoing needs you may have in the future. With Support services, we work on new landing pages, website content, security, updates and new features quickly and efficiently as-needed.

Could we edit/update our website? Any training for that?

This is one of the main reason why we use webflow, easy to edit on live page. About 30 mins of training which we will be provide and after that you don't need any developer or expert for any updates or editing.

How long does it take to finish a project?

This is about the depth of the project and stages that we are creating. If we start from scratch; design, content writing, and development usually it took 4-6 weeks. However depends on the projects, this might take 12 weeks time or more.

Do you have support on SEO for high ranking in search engines?

Yes we have. As team Gibrian, our main focus is to increase the appearance of your company’s website on search engines as well as tracking user behaviours on the website to improve customer relationship management.


How to find right design for your brand?

This is where the fun begins! First of all, we are going to design couple of prototypes/templates for you. How do we get inspired? We make deep market outlook, worldwide and local, to understanding market trends better. After designing your prototypes/templates, with the following meeting or second we will find your brands reflection and we start creating your tailor-made design.

How long designing process takes?

It depends on the project, but normally it took 2-4 weeks to design your project from scratch.

Do you help us on Branding and designing new Logo?

About Branding services, we are partner with so talented team, who are creating digital excellence at top level.


What tools are you using?

Our main tool is Webflow for front-end development but it's not the only one. According to project we use  different tools collaboratively, to create right solutions for projects.

Could you develop my own pre-built design?

Yes of course! Whatever program your design is built with, we can develop your project. If you need any advices with your design or co-work with your designer, we are glad to help you to create awesome designs together.

If there is a lot of repetitive content pages (blog/portfolio)?

This why we love Webflow for development; CMS is so powerful, has flexible design and so easy to edit for clients. Without CMS, we need to create every page and section one by one and if there is an update, we need to update each one separately. That's only waste of time and resources.

After developing CMS for your project, we will guide you for CMS training for editorial account at Webflow. You will see that, it easy as editing a powerpoint document however it's your live website and you can't make any mistake.


What is Webflow?

Webflow is a pro level front-end development tool & CMS that allows us to visually develop and complete tasks faster, while improving the quality of our code and creativity of front-end designs.

Why to use Webflow hosting?

First of all, if you knows very little about web design or web hosting and you want a website that looks nice and requires few changes upon completion. Even if you are not planning to make many changes to your site, this gives you the flexibility to tweak content, replace images, or tackle larger branding changes without relying on you or a developer! Additionally, site elements that require frequent updates, like a list of portfolio companies, are easy to update in Webflow CMS, so you don't need a developer for that too.

Second, the moment you publish with Webflow, your site is ready to handle traffic at any scale, and from any location. Other hosting services rely on one server, in one location, which means slow page loads, especially for visitors further from the server. These servers aren’t built to scale with a growing site, risking a server crash with too many requests. Webflow hosting is built for speed, scalability, and reliability.

Furthermore, Webflow hosting is secure; collecting data and personal information on your sites and prefer a private server with an SSL certificate. Webflow provides free SSL certificates for every server hosted. As a bonus, SSL will also help the site rank higher in search.

How much traffic the Webflow hosting can handle?

Webflow hosting scales automatically to handle millions of concurrent visits. All site plans serve sites through  Amazon's Cloudfront CDN and accelerated using Fastly, loading sites in milliseconds.

Can I host my site somewhere else?

On the Lite, Professional, and Team plans, you can export your website and host it anywhere you'd like. No attribution required. However, CMS Collections cannot be exported and forms (including site search) will stop working.

Are Webflow sites SEO friendly?

Yes! All content on Webflow sites is rendered on Webflow servers and served through SSL, so your pages will be searchable and prioritized by Google. You can also edit meta and OpenGraph tags to optimize each page.


How much a new website will cost?

This varies a lot; how much you would like to invest on the project and how large is your business is in digital platform. You don't need to worried about, we can sort this out together. In our first discovery meeting or let's say coffee meeting, we can discuss your future business plans and make an idea of how will be starting our first digital marketing strategy on new project.

With followed up meeting, we will present our proposal. This will explain amount of time needed to block, resources goes in the project and what type of services will be occupied by our team.

What are the terms of payment?

For a new website, re-design or development; %50 up-front and rest will be when our projects is going live or in other words, when you're excited and satisfied.

For hourly billed services, let's talk! We can make a proposal depending on how much work will be needed and hour will be blocked.

Webflow plans and pricing?

We will lead you all of these steps, how to sign-up and which plans right for you. In order to sign-up for a Webflow account you must first choose an account plan, most clients end-up signing up for the “Free” plan, the higher end plans are aimed at teams and agencies building out more than just 1-2 website projects under their account.

Once you have set-up an account plan and you've create a Webflow website with in your Dashboard or your project has been transferred to your account, you'll need to add a hosting plan.

The second tier of hosting plan Webflow offers is the $16/month CMS plan, this is what we recommend for most clients. With the power of CMS plan, you can use the Editor and add new content to the CMS, or make updates to the site right on the page so easily.

Webflow hosting and account plan costs:

Account Plan: $0-35/month
Hosting Plan: $12-36/month
E-commerce: $29-$212/month

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