Kırnı brand, the largest and most modern integrated chicken meat producer in North Cyprus. Kırnı has reached the point where they have currently been occupying the 85-90% of the chicken meat market in the country and also producing up to World (and European) standards as the leading exporters of North Cyprus.


The Gibrian team delivered an all-inclusive redesign and development of the entire current website while honoring their current brand guidelines. The services provided included pre-build strategy, Information Architecture, UX Design, Visual Development (Elementor), best SEO, and Code Practices. We redesigned Kırnı website in a way where end-users could see the production process from start to end visually, integrated with FAQs(or Facts you want to know) as well as other key aspects. Kırnı Piliçleri has further given the place a QR on their products. This enabled customers to enjoy their products with greater trust and comfort. ,


Kırnı’s primary objective was to redesign the Kırnı website to build awareness, interest, and transparency through re-focused information architecture. As for Kırnı, the transparency of the production process was the key aspect. Answering customers’ demands in terms of transparency would enable end-users to consume their products with peace of mind while enhancing customer loyalty.


The development included making sure that the website would easily adapt to different screen sizes depending on the user’s device. This means not only does the interface look good on desktop, tablets and smartphones, it’s also mobile-friendly - a vital Google ranking tool.

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